Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust black decorative wrist watch

Oyster perpetual Datejust is the noble watch series of the lady watches, which strongly highlights the ROLEX creation and the excellent watchmaking workmanship, and deduces the legendary sprite of the Datejust series, which not only through the pink gold and diamond creates the aesthetic charm of free and easy, at the same time it also reflects the precise, solid and reliable high quality level of rolex.

Special mother’s day this year, rolex has chosen from the same model, but the style is very different as a holiday gift recommendation, hoping it can bring different style for different types of mother’s wrist ornament.

This Rolex Datejust watch which is full of female temperature, is engraved with 262 diamonds on its decorative pink gold watch dial, and it has produced the attractive contrast, to add the model feeling for the lady temperature. The pink gold dial is also decorated with 10 diamonds as on the time scales as the dazzling light. And the outer bezel is also becoming the stage to show the diamond, as there is totally engraved with 60 square diamonds, each one representing each second. On the side there is also engraved with 120 diamonds with excellent workmanships.

One is the Datejust lady watch with classic design, made by 18ct solid yellow gold by Rolex factory and engraved with 11 precious rubies, and the small watch size of 26mm is also very petite; the other one is the Datejust watch with leopard print new design elements, and the watch size is increased to 36mm, made by the Rolex patented 18ct everrose gold, and has more than 300 dazzling diamonds, which is suitable for the fashionable ladies.

This Rolex Datejust watch has the comfortable and noble oyster watch strap, which is also equipped with the crown watch buckle. And its operation is very simple and convenient. And it is carrying with the Rolex 3135 movement.

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