Luxury Replica Watches – Replica Piaget or Replica Patek Philippe?

Replica Piaget Emperador is fitted with a home-made 430P manual winding movement which is derived from the colorful and legend movement-the 9P movement which only reaches 2.1mm in terms of its thickness. The movement can provide a variety of combinations and the ultra-thin movement, 600P, is design upon it. This movement is thin but solid enough. Through integrating 40 masters into the Piaget’s main workshop, Piaget made this special series signaling another peak that it achieves.

18k rose gold is applied on the replica Piaget Emperador and then its diameter reaches 41 mm. the round barrel-shape case is processed through the wiredrawing at both sides while the front face of case is processed with polishing skills. Piaget Emperador XL replica watch is fitted with a leather that is made of alligator skin and is sewed through the brown strings. The buckle is made of 18 k rose gold for convenience of wearing and taking it off. The logo of Piaget is set on the 12 o’clock and clearly indicates its birth and blue blood.

12P is a Piaget’s own movement that was rolled when Piaget started its way on watch-making, and we have to say that what it chooses to make achievements and breakthrough is quite different from others, and later Piaget sticks in the ultra-thin field and takes the lead in the world. Such an effort makes it rank in the top brand among so many watch producers.

In 1992, Patek Philippe, in addition to the new Ref.3939, it also has Ref.5013 for us. Two hot products inspired it and then in 1993, the Ref.5016 come to exist and it is Ref.5016 that incorporates minute repeater, tourbillon and perpetual calendar. Before the 5002 come to exist, the 5016 is the most complicated one among replica Patek Philippe watches.

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